Ascension Health

“Amazing coaching firm – Emily is excellent! I have first-hand experience of how easy and fun (ACI) makes training, while serving as an ally through a difficult transformation. Highly recommend this firm.”

– Tyson Tiede

Ascension Health was breaking into the Robotics Processing Automation (RPA) world with six teams. They were using a traditional planning method to implement the changes. The technology and processes were changing so fast that it caused a delay in overall delivery. The challenge was to introduce Agile, increase delivery, initiate the transformation, continually coach, and adjust to RPA processes at the same time.


  • Discovery and Assessment
  • Revamp processes to support iterative development.
  • Create funnel for all requests and a vetting process with common criteria for prioritization.
  • Customize and implement Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) with one Product Owner, six teams, and one backlog.
  • Train teams and coach through implementation.


Within six months, all six teams were on their way to norming as teams. The funnel was driving consistent priority they were delivering business value every three weeks.

Key Results

  • Feature-related releases increased by 150%.
  • Consistently maintained emergency requests through a funnel with clear prioritization with six teams.
  • Across the six teams, the average velocity increased (on average) by 50%.