Large Telecom

The telecom company had recently acquired a cable TV service provider. The methodology was waterfall with silos and very formal communication. The project had ambitious goals for time to market and product features. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) was chosen. However, the project teams that merged were globally distributed with little agile maturity. Hitting the launch date of this brand new product was critical for success so transformation had to happen while building the product.


  • Three-week discovery to assess the team, program and portfolio level maturity using SAFe templates.
  • Two-week review of assessments, create training plans, and the implementation steps.
  • Value Streams identified and Agile Release Trains (ART) formed.
  • Training was conducted in problem solving workshop style to allow the SAFe training to be applied to the product delivery.
  • Leadership coaching was provided to develop the vision and roadmap to share across teams.


  • Trained and implemented an agile workforce from scratch.
  • Team evolved from unreliable velocity forecasts and sprint overruns to a sustainable level of predictability.
  • PI planning conducted with global teams leveraging technology which saved travel costs.
  • Value streams established to foster collaboration and faster decision making.
  • Teams gained proficiency in managing velocity and planning to available capacity.

Key Results

  • Overall 300 plus resources were trained and 5 ARTs formed over this time.
  • The product launch was successfully completed with the MVP in 3 months and final product in the next 9. months.
  • 85% predictability that features committed to were delivered.