Liberty Mutual

“Emily (Agility Consulting Founder) is an exceptional leader and Agilest. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her years of agile practice and coaching. This experience allows her to provide comprehensive strategies which help propel teams forward and find new levels of improvement within the scrum discipline. She also has an excellent ability to influence organizations and senior leaders.”

– Joshua Kikta, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Three of the Scrum teams needed a replacement Scrum Master due to unforeseen medical circumstances. These teams were in the middle of a SAFe transformation with a culture of job-loss related fear. The client was also utilizing testing component type teams even further demoralizing the mindset of the developers on all three teams.


Transition all of their manual efforts to automated and ensure all extreme programming practices were being followed. Within four months, the teams were more independent, more automated to improve delivery time, and had better quality tool and overall software delivery.


  • More independent teams
  • Automated processes rather than manual
  • Improved delivery time
  • Better quality management and use of tools
  • Increased software delivery cycles

Key Results

  • Delivery time increased to every two weeks from every month – 50% increase
  • 50% decrease in bugs and defects
  • 50% increase in automation testing