New Management Services

“We have never had this level of collaboration.”
“The time spent with each team was invaluable. I couldn’t imagine the amount of time and meetings it would have taken to complete what we did in one and half days.”
“Having this level of visibility is remarkable.”

– New Management Services Team Members on PI Planning

New Management Services (NMS), a financial services company located in Jacksonville, was struggling with slow delivery speed and a lack of clear direction on what should be delivered and why. Their teams and leadership were experiencing a high number of dependencies across specialized teams, a lack of vision, unclear team responsibilities, and poor communication channels.

Agility Consulting partnered with NMS to conduct a thorough assessment of the current state of the enterprise and created a tailored organizational change plan and roadmap to increase agility within the organization and leverage the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Together, Agility Consulting and NMS implemented a variety of solutions to resolve the team organizational issues, clarify roles and responsibilities, provide working agreements, identify specific QA individuals, found a DevOps team, provide tooling updates to support scaling, and create essential metrics and reporting mechanisms.

To address scaling needs, NMS leveraged SAFe to powerful effect. Agility Consulting provided instruction and learning opportunities to ensure the implementation proceeded smoothly and participants were ready for their first big-room planning session, called Program Increment Planning (PI Planning). After completing their initial PI event, the response was overwhelmingly positive with greater collaboration across teams, clearer business objectives, and a feasible product roadmap.

After transitioning to Agile and implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), New Management Services increased organizational team agility by 100% and reduced quality analysis bottlenecks by 75%.