Course Description

The Product Backlog is the center of any Agile product development. Without it, the team does not know what to build when. While the backlog is covered in all of the basic Agile courses, we find that teams still struggle with managing it – especially the user stories themselves. In this course we will take a deep-dive into all of the elements needed to have one single prioritized backlog to aide in successful planning and implementation.

Who Should Attend

This practical workshop is ideal for product teams, Product Owners, business analysts, and development managers who will be working with products and requirements, or who will be supporting teams and individuals who do.


2 Days


This workshop is designed for participants with some previous knowledge of Agile.

Course Topics

  1. Defining User Stories
    1. What is a User Story?
    2. The Formula: Description, Benefit, Acceptance Criteria
  2. Ron Jeffries – The 3 Cs
  3. I-N-V-E-S-T
  4. Acceptance Criteria
    1. Defining Acceptance Criteria
    2. Types of Acceptance Criteria
  5. Non-Functional Stories
    1. Reviewing the Types of PBIs
    2. F-U-R-P-S
  6. Slicing (Splitting) Stories
    1. Horizontal versus Vertical Slicing
    2. Splitting Stories

Learning Objectives

  • Define a product backlog
  • Create product backlog items
  • Identify the differences between themes, epics, and user stories
  • Write user stories that provide a description, benefit, and acceptance criteria
  • Practice Ron Jeffries’s 3 Cs
  • Evaluate user stories using the INVEST method
  • Develop three different types of acceptance criteria
  • Utilize FURPS to address non-functional stories
  • Learn the difference between horizontal and vertical slicing and the impact to product development
  • Prioritize the backlog using several assessment methods
  • Benchmark a user story value system
  • Conduct an estimating session for developed user stories


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