South State Bank


Doubled the speed of releases and helped their business unlock value from IT teams. South State Bank, the largest bank based in South Carolina and a subsidiary of South State Corporation, with over $15.7 billion in assets was experiencing issues with prioritizating changes, allocating resources and utilisating their internal IT teams which led to slow delivery times and a significant communication gaps with respect to organizational and project changes. We at Agility Consulting provided an assessment and implemented an Agile strategy to allow South State Bank speed up their delivery, improve resource planning and reinvent organizational change communication along with improving requirements analysis focused on business value. South State Bank increased the current release rate by 100% as a result of implementing an Agile transformation. On top of that, South State Bank's end users acknowledge an 80% improvement of business value delivered by IT.

New Management Solutions


Increased organizational team agility by 100% and reduced quality analysis bottlenecks by 75%. New Management Services, a Financial Services company located in Jacksonville, was struggling with slow delivery speed and a lack of clear direction on what should be delivered and why. This was due to a variety of reasons from issues with dependencies across specialized teams, lack of vision, unclear team responsibilities and poor communications. In the span of two days, we at Agility Consulting provided NMS with a variety of solutions to resolve the team organizational issues, clarified roles and responsibilities, provide working agreements, identify specific QA individuals on teams and a devops team, providing Jira changes based on scaling changes, provide suggested reporting, and revamping the team makeup. An organizational change plan was established, and a roadmap to implementation in detail with step by step and parties involved.  Each step was lined out in detail of what needed to be in each area..  Role decisions, meeting cadences, expectations of working agreement sessions, Jira board changes to accompany the new way of working, backlog preparation steps, shared services recognition plans, and reporting expectations were set up.