Course Description

It’s that time of year again – the dreaded Annual Performance Review. As a dedicated Agilist at your company, what is your plan to make things better this year for your teams? Join us as we explore ways to make performance assessments more meaningful to teams, and strategize how to collaborate with and ultimately transform corporate leadership for lasting culture change.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for managers, executives, and product teams who are interested in learning how to conduct and benefit from value-driven performance reviews.


Full Day (7.5 hours + lunch)


No prior Agile experience necessary.

Course Topics

  1. Performance Assessments Today
  2. Values & Value Statements
    1. Value Delivery & Value Words
    2. Goals
      1. SMART Goals
      2. GPA
      3. Writing Team Goals
      4. Personal Goals
  3. Corporate Alignment
    1. Types and Motivation of Corporate Goals
    2. Connecting the Dots with Team Goals
  4. Organizational Change
    1. Being a Change Agent
    2. Practicing the Change
    3. Next Steps
  5. Retrospective

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the pros and cons of various assessment methods by discussing current practices in their environments and documenting the positive and negative impacts of those practices.
  • Identify the pain points within their own teams by discussing and documenting common reactions to annual reviews.
  • Chose value words for the team by completing the “Explain and Explore” exercise.
  • Craft written value statements by completing a group exercise to turn value words into value statements.
  • Illustrate personal, team, and business goals by simulating a team building exercise for writing goals.
  • Document strategies to make performance assessments team-centric instead of person-centric by comparing traditional individualized goals with the newly written team goals.
  • Develop strategies to encourage corporations to adopt a more team-focused approach to goal setting by comparing the team values and goals to agile value and corporate values.
  • Establish actionable next steps for themselves as individuals as a result of the lessons learned in the session.


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