Agility Consulting International is Proud of its Excellent Customer Service

Whether it’s cloud computing, big data, outsourcing, or the internet of things, keeping up with IT consulting trends and practices can seem daunting. The same goes for business consulting, how do you know which trends and practices are best fit for your business?

However, there’s no need for you to worry about that — that’s why we’re here for you. To all of our clients who have put their trust in us to be your business consultant, we thank you.

Your support and loyalty have helped us become one of the leading business consulting agencies in Indiana. It’s our passion to transform organizations by identifying and addressing their root causes, facilitating organizational change management, and finding customized solutions through an Agile lense.

Our clients have been raving about our work. We received a perfect 5-star rating for an ongoing engagement we have with one of our clients, a university. During this project, we’ve been delivering professional training seminars for the students of a master’s program.

We’ve been teaching them about agile methodology in efforts to help them improve their proficiency in maximizing delivery as they prepare to enter the healthcare field.. The result?

“The training has had a huge impact. My students are currently looking for employment, and I’ve had employers express explicit interest in recruiting them because of their agile training,” shared the faculty chair of the healthcare management at Indiana University.

Our client continued to provide more feedback sharing how the hands-on seminars were personal experiences filled with deep concept training and real-time applications of these concepts.4GT