Community Outreach

We strive to continuously give back to the community.

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Agility for Kids

Agility for Kids!

To help meet the need for increased internet access and accessibility for online learning and skills during the Covid-19 pandemic, Agility Consulting launched the Agility for Kids! program and donated laptops to children in need. The program ultimately donated 20 computers across 5 states to children who did not otherwise have access to technology to attend school.


International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) – Central Indiana Chapter

Agility Consulting is honored to host Central Indiana Chapter meetings of the IIBA. The IIBA ensures rigorous standards in the profession of business analysis, and Agility Consulting is committed to furthering the mission of community accessibility to study materials, resources, and information.



AgilePDX is a volunteer-run organization and self-described “community of independent agile practitioners, enthusiasts, and agile-inspiring hearts and minds.” The organization hosts multiple meetups throughout the year for participants to gather, speak with, and learn from each other. In July 2020, Emily Harshman was honored to lecture on “The 7th Principle: Working Software is the Primary Measure of Progress.”

Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization started in 2001 that is dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile Software Development from the Agile Manifesto. Agility Consulting is proud to be a member of Agile Alliance and contribute to the vibrant agile community that the organization fosters.


Indiana Technology & Innovation Association

The ITIA is committed to growing Indiana’s technology sector and ensuring technology companies have a voice as Indiana invests in its modern economy. Agility Consulting is proud to be a member of the ITIA, a key component of the state’s community of technology companies and partners.

Women Working in Technology

Women Working in Technology

Agility Consulting is proud to be a board member of Women Working in Technology. WWiT supports and inspires women in the tech industry through education, mentorship, and community support, working with women in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

Atlassian Community Indianapolis

Atlassian Community: Indianapolis

Emily is a Sponsor and Group Leader of the Indianapolis chapter of the Atlassian Community, where she coaches and instructs agile practitioners on the Atlassian suite of products. She works with all members of the community, from novices to experts and administrators, helping everyone get the most from their toolsets.

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International: Kelley School of Business Club

Toastmasters International’s mission is to support members’ growth in public speaking and leadership skills through an affordable, community-based model. Emily is the proud recipient of the Silver Award from the Toastmasters Club at Kelley School of Business, which meets at Indiana University.

Women in Agile

Women in Agile

Women in Agile is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of women in the agile community through increased faccess to speakerships, fostering local community groups, and funding scholarships. Agility Consulting supports Women in Agile’s mission as a member of the organization.