Emily Harshman

CEO at Agility Consulting International

My name is Emily Harshman, I grew up in Houston, TX, and studied at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN as well as Keller Graduate School in Indianapolis. 

Initially, I wanted to become a financial advisor but really loved the constantly changing, always innovating world of information technology and Agile. At that point in time, the financial industry was in dire straights, and I had the opportunity to working with education software, but quickly learned the frustration and confusion that can occur with being new to Agile software development and team foundations.  Juggling this new mindset with finishing my master’s degree in business administration brought its own set of challenges.  

It is because of this experience learning a brand new mindset, and more that drove me to become a wholistic Agile and Lean coach and trainer.  Helping people talk through and avoid the experiences I encountered, teams and organizations everywhere have been in a better and more efficient place with regards to their goals.  Many issues in organizations are rarely framework related, but people and organizational change issues. Addressing these two sides together can be a dynamic combination to bolster success. By applying a wholistic approach, psychological and adaptive techniques, I’ve seen organizations reach heights they never thought they could dream of achieving.

Many organizations are following a mixture of practices and organizational implementation patterns like many of my many experiences across six different industries turned into parables used today to help others.  Examples of these would be teams with a heavily influential individual, teams that aren’t empowered, and upper management who is trying to implement but needs help balancing trust vs expectations of teams. There is always an opportunity for improvement.  Organizations with the most success have tried things, dare I say they were “Agile”, and were willing to make a mistake to adapt to find out what will work.

Agile, through my experience, has increased organizational agility by 100% and reduced quality analysis bottlenecks by 75%.  Through my wholistic approach, other clients have increased the current release rate by 100% as a result of implementing an Agile transformation as well as improving business value delivery by 80%. Taking a wholistic approach to resolving organizational and team issues brings a whole new approach to change management and Agile adoption. 

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