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Agility Consulting offers premium Agile consulting and training services, from Lean, Scrum, and Kanban to SAFe® and Large Scale Scrum.

Whether you need a strategy for enterprise transformation or business process reengineering, executive and team coaching, or all forms of Agile training, we’ve got you covered.

Envision your enterprise roadmap with Agility Consulting's enterprise transformations support.

Craft Your Vision

Leveraging our proprietary Agility Assessment, Agility Consulting will partner with you to design a practical, customized roadmap that acknowledges your present and maps a clear path to your future. Agility Consulting has guided enterprises across multiple industries to plan and achieve their Agile goals.

Whether your vision includes faster time to market, increased employee engagement, leaner and more efficient business processes, or a top-to-bottom cultural shift, our seasoned enterprise coaches at Agility Consulting are here to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Enterprise Transformations

Realize the potential of your teams and your products; the first step on your path to agility begins here.

Deepen your expertise with Agility Consulting's expert training

Deepen Your Expertise

Enterprises in the global economy embrace a continuous learning culture or risk falling behind. Agility Consulting trainers and coaches leverage decades of experience preparing leaders to adopt and mature their Agile practices.

Through customized Agile training and certifications, master the skills necessary to adapt to changing conditions. All courses and workshops are designed to leverage the modern science on adult learning. Training can make or break a company’s ability to thrive; ensure you’re prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

Agile Training

At Agility Consulting, we know that learning means so much more than earning a certification or taking an exam. 

Sustain and improve the change with Agility Consulting's expert coaches.

Partner With Change

At Agility Consulting, our clients are seriously committed to discovering a better way to work. To enable lasting, meaningful change, we dig deep with our partners and progress in lockstep through their transformation roadmaps.

Our coaches are trained in multiple disciplines and draw on a variety of perspectives and life experiences to ensure we meet your and your teams wherever they are in their journeys. You deserve a transformation and training partner who cares as much about your business as you do – that’s where Agility Consulting shines.


At Agility Consulting, our highest purpose is to coach your leaders and teams to a place where we are no longer needed and you can thrive on your own. 

Who We Are

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Say farewell to unrealistic promises and lackluster results. At Agility Consulting, we build partnerships based on truthful relationships, clarity of purpose, and trust. When it comes to successful transformations, training workshops, and coaching goals, the most meaningful change results from strong partnerships based on honesty and the power of real-world expertise. Agility Consulting is fearlessly committed to both.

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