Day July 14, 2021

Digital Transformation Series – What, Why, and How to be a Digital Enterprise

As transformation consultant, I see one bandwagon that every business big and small wants to embark is the “Digital Transformation”. As I see a lot of misunderstanding about the digital transformation (“it’s internet right? ““It means go paperless, isn’t it?”) , I am hereby taking an effort to share a series of posts starting with this one on some basic history and how you can steer your organization to be more digital over time. The key aspects we will touch upon will be as follows

Digital Transformation Series Part 2: Design Thinking

Welcome to the next session on the Digital Transformation. We saw in the previous article the importance of organizations needing to be digitally capable in the era of digital disruptions. Digital transformation presents problems that are complex and undefined. So, using Design Thinking to embrace your organization’s digital transformation helps tackle these problems by using a fluid, flexible, hands-on approach to interact with consumers and come up with solutions.