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Digital transformation Series Part 3: Agile Business Transformation

Welcome to the part 3 of the original series on digital transformation and in this article, we focus on the agile business transformation as an essential phase of digital transformation. In the figure below, there are three distinct phases of innovation and disruption.  In the Installation Period, many entrepreneurs compete, but few reach a turning point to deploy their product and capture the market.  Now in the digital era, unicorns like Amazon and Netflix lead the market.  We need to learn their lessons so we can survive the turning point!

Digital Transformation Series – What, Why, and How to be a Digital Enterprise

As transformation consultant, I see one bandwagon that every business big and small wants to embark is the “Digital Transformation”. As I see a lot of misunderstanding about the digital transformation (“it’s internet right? ““It means go paperless, isn’t it?”) , I am hereby taking an effort to share a series of posts starting with this one on some basic history and how you can steer your organization to be more digital over time. The key aspects we will touch upon will be as follows

Digital Transformation Series Part 2: Design Thinking

Welcome to the next session on the Digital Transformation. We saw in the previous article the importance of organizations needing to be digitally capable in the era of digital disruptions. Digital transformation presents problems that are complex and undefined. So, using Design Thinking to embrace your organization’s digital transformation helps tackle these problems by using a fluid, flexible, hands-on approach to interact with consumers and come up with solutions.

The HOPE approach to Business Agility

Business Agility can be defined as the capability of an organization to compete and be successful in the digital age by rapid response to changes and new opportunities with creative business solutions. Some major industry trends that have become eye-openers to the business world on the need to have business agility to survive are

I want to become Agile. Where do I start?

As a leader, the decision to become agile and how to get started is often overwhelming as this is a major change that needs to be well planned and executed. Please remember that agile is by definition an exploratory approach that encourage hypotheses driven action that gets evaluated and based on results course corrections made as needed.

What makes a Good Agile Coach?

This is one of the most common questions from the agile community whether it is leaders championing agile transformation or a wannabe agile coaches aspiring to up their game, so sharing some thoughts from my experience over many years as an agile coach and practitioner.

COVID-19 is here and everyone is remote. Where do you start?

Everything can be an opportunity if you make it one.  In the past three weeks everything from sports events to schools and anything non-essential has been cancelled in support of social distancing.  Your Agile teams and all surrounding departments are now all remote. Where do you start?